Most companies who have people working for them will need to register as an employer (although there are exceptions) regardless of whether a business employs 1 person or a 100 people. The service we provide is cost effective and helps to remove any sort of strain on your business by having to carry your payroll out in house which leaves you and your employees being able to concentrate on helping your business grow.

With the introduction of RTI (Real Time Information) PAYE & the automated pension scheme it has never been more essential to make sure that your companies payroll and employee information is not only completed but also effeciently done so to erradicate any penalties from Inland Revenue.

You can rest assured that with our payroll services all your employees will be paid correctly and on time and any issues with regards maternity, statutory sick pay and tax credits are calculated and dealt with correcty and our payroll service can be tailored around and specific business needs.

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